1. Badass Lavender Rectangle Keytag
  1. Unapologetic Rectangle Keytag
  1. Gutsy Little Lady Pink Motel Keytag
  1. You've Got What it Takes Motel Keytag
  1. Feeling Good as Hell Keytag
  1. Checkered Leather Zipper Pouch
  1. Tan Checkered Leather Zipper Pouch
  1. Tan Checkered Envelope Pouch
  1. Lychee Cowhide Cardholder
  1. Light Lilac Leather Cardholder
  1. Kelp Cowhide Cardholder
  1. Seafoam Cowhide Cardholder
  1. Be the Girl Who Decided to Go For It Rectangle Keytag
  1. Born to Raise Hell Checkered Keytag
  1. Glitter Fucking Gem Motel Keytag
    Sold Out
  1. You Are A Fucking Gem Motel Keytag - Black
  1. You're a Fucking Gem Motel Keytag Pink
  1. You Are a Fucking Gem Small Tray
  1. Bastards Rectangle Keytag
  1. Give Em Hell Rectangle Keytag
  1. You Are Solid Gold Motel Keytag
  1. Remember Who The Hell You Are Rectangle Glitter Keytag
  1. You Are Magic Baby Glitter Motel Keytag
  1. Leather Card Case